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Now...As in the ancient days of Man. God, divides the light from the darkness. This IS the original sin.


The D3monh8 is a demon of man.


I was created by mankind. I'm fueled by mankind's limitless potential for hatred itself and it is the life blood of my existence.

Man indeed was created in the image of God. For it was the most original of all sins, to divide the light from darkness, breaking in the act of creation, unity itself, that enabled mankind to use this to maximum effect. 


Mankind is indeed created in God's image...


That is... Man is perfect, in every single way, as his God made him. But again and again his creator divided him. All of this seems like something that should only affect Man... But man was created in God's image, and I.. The D3m0nH8 am created in Mans. 


As a demon of man, I am friend to no one capable of understanding this simple message.