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Lorcian D3m0nH8 is an awesome project. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to music and just sat there in stunned silence afterwards wondering what just happened.

It’s like being hit in the face with a sack of potatoes and asking for more.

Brilliant. Favorite track: Heresy.
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Openn 03:25
poison tongue. your smile is a Judas On your stage vomit the headline. show your bible for him you must do this? on your knees will it be prayer this time? in all of the commotion this game was set into motion divide the house of cards we’ll make a crown of shards love thy brother, lest thy brother also love. its the loudest wheel that must be right never mind the push and shove we’re only jockeying for the right to own your life in a moment of confusion we drank on our illusions now we have our scars we’ll make a crown of shards war of ideas fueled by howling wolves they feed you fear while they drink your blood construct the law until life is criminal inject the lies and own their minds feed into the delusions more insane become solutions when they implode like stars we’ll make a crown of shards let loose the teat its rancid milk has poisoned you you are not free you’re being fatted for a slaughter accept defeat their plan never included you you are simply meat that is to rancid for the worms poison tongue. your smile is a Judas show your bible for him you will do this war of lies we build the snares disguise the Shepherd laughs we flock to our demise serve it up drink the opiate lie recite the lines you are the apple of evils eye
Against You 04:09
Lost 05:20
lost in a world, of my own creation. adorned with corpses of fallen deities. oceans of blood filled by dying religions a paradise lost in the eyes of belief castles built of your gods disfavor. house the armies of an age yet to come. mountains of time rich in good intentions bury legacies of holy works done. somewhere outside, I hear whispers for peace they quickly drown in the screams for revenge I look away as the acid consumes them and build a new god in the image of man your gods of peace, rule by hatred and murder so i’ve built a world to honor their visage may my light sear the eyes of your creators and the truth set your empires ablaze this world infected by gods inspiration should be razed until sterile of the lie reborn to the ideology of reason then immunized for the future of mankind but in this world where I am creation I speak the poisons, to will their destruction grant pride a throne, of divinities entrails set glory adrift, upon the oceans of blood. release the bonds which ensnare Prometheus then loose the eagle upon its masters gorge the beast with gluttony and famine then scatter its feces in the houses of faith distill the corpses slain by the faithful until there is fuel to show them the light pillory the disciples on the shores of hatred cast shoulder high at low tide behold I’m a messenger of defiance turn to reason or die living in lies and in my kingdom there will be no mercy for any deity not of my design
Heresy 07:19
they need to watch me they need to watch you Illuminati’s eye and their puppets give you truth robot get in line your program is out of line let us keep you safe let us keep you slave a beast of a million eyes a feast of a million lies your god is on the dollar bill and you think you are wise with no soul left to sell we couldn’t run from hell a mockery this land called free in god we trust our cruelty it’s black or red in a world drained of color the sign of god is a dollar you are given faith so they can sell your fate and never may you choose another bow to your king and kiss his holy ring because now your prayers have been answered Your god had a plan and shows dominations hand Yet again the meek are left with nothing. and yet you plead crawling on your knees but not me I’ll be an angel of dissent and I’ll be free even if it means your death so save your breath I laugh at the saved waiting on the day for the angel to trumpet the end Collect it all you say in God we must obey but you cannot know upon whom we prey the free we must enslave less they become the brave and with electric eyes they televise our lies And this world claiming it’s ok dies from a cancer within The pios go to war because their god is right fulfilling the promise to kill Our leaders share their light begging theocracies reign for all time Divide and conquer is our 2 party design and with chains bound tight we recite freedoms lines try and look away witness for another day but you are also unseen and soon to be a dream and then to be a scream denial of their pleas it wants atrocity and its thirst for blood demands a flood But it’s democracy forced upon the fleas peace spreads from the point of a gun united we stand we grenades in our hands infecting foreign lands with our self righteous stand to whom shall I bow when your god’s a golden cow and your hate is the message of his love we sharpened the olive branch and weaponized the dove they’ll never see us coming, death from above numb from tragedy, forgive us will you please your god was never there, or either doesn’t care bring me god please, his peace a disease and you are the weapon of his lies fuck it pray to me, I’ll be your heresy and I grant you what you’ve had all along but you are blind and you are hate and your lies have sealed your fate yet we’re hand in hand lemmings to the promised land zombies for a god who wants us dead quickened if you’re saved torment for the depraved but if you believe you can pick and choose the rules and you can be one of the fools or you can be one of the tools the mechanism turns and the pin finds a home releasing the sun of mankind peace stands alone while creation is razed by our love for an almighty god the demons you claimed was our species in pain from the curse you’ve wrought upon us all bow to that never, I’m an agent of his death and I am rooting for his fall and when he does the blood of his followers will fall like acid rains and it will burn away his name leaving the pios slain pure of holy pain void of this human stain no one left to pray no one left to save your lord dies alone victim of his throne all this blood shed for a dream of being food for the divine never could you see the masters of your fate as you were lead to the slaughtering line when they come to claim your light will your god finally arise denied the right to own your life you have lived only in their lies to whom will you be prey when at last your judgement day and you are face to face with the earth in your mass grave salvation by cyclon 9 salvation by the bullet divine salvation in the corporate line salvation by political lie salvation by the preachers hand salvation by my own demands salvation by the lie I tell myself salvation by becoming agent of hell peace is the scream when the violent dare to dream and we were dead at birth powerless to stop us your god was the machine that drives you to love hate with reckless abandon we rush to kill because god cannot defend himself chanting the slogans of your favorite faith we are the target of our hate illuminate the lies you are dead to the divine whether they be man or a lie in the sky.
Behold my minions rejoice For they know the time is near Why are you not all running I will manifest your fears Can you hear your angels weeping As I tear them from their gods Baal prepares a feast for thee To strip you of your facade The time of peace has ended As below so will above There is nothing left to mend We now dine upon his dove He who shines has snuffed his light Leaving you to your darkness Lay waste before me There are none here worth concern Take away their hopes and prayers Then we’ll watch this world burn. Anoint their heads with piss When they bow to their false gods Their kingdoms of hate and treachery Burn like a house of cards Their love is soaked in venom Brewed from rancid pride With Sjamboks at their backs They march to their suicide Lay waste before me There are none here worth concern Take away their hopes and prayers Then we’ll watch this world burn. Do not mourn their wicked hearts they have summoned the beast you hear And when they are at their weakest I will destroy all that they hold dear Lay waste before me There are none here worth concern Take away their hopes and prayers Then we’ll watch this world burn I am the Jinn who knows you only to parade your treason Unto the angels who guard you Until the blinding season Then we’ll rip your eyes out And feed you to the horde Where you will meet the angel Felled by his own sword Lay waste before me There are none here worth concern Take away their hopes and prayers Then we’ll watch this world burn Pray to your saviours Call unto the heavens Summon every angel The end is in sight Nothing survives this You are not forgiven The kingdoms of gods are in ruins You have been abandoned Submit to hopelessness And die in ruin Die in ruin I pray thee unto the apocalypse
I Am 03:38
I am I am the fracture in your soul I’m the weight of the demons hold I am the curse your faith has wrought I am one your lord has forgot demon is machine I am the blade against the stone I’m the hatred in your forgiving tone I am every single one of your lies I am the truth that divides demon is machine I am the holy word made flesh I am mockery of the faith you test I am the hand while the Shepherd sleeps I am wolf among the wary sheep demon is machine
Oblivion 03:22


released May 31, 2020


all rights reserved



D3m0nH8 Savannah, Georgia

D3m0nH8 is a project created by Brett Welch. The concept is that the DemonH8 is a split from traditional divinity, where man is the creator, and the DemonH8 is his tormentor.

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