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D3m0nH8 is a heretical, experimental industrial music project by Brett Welch, originating in the heart of the Bible belt in Savannah, Georgia. Infusing the genre with his first love, death metal, Welch has shaped concept albums that come packaged with chaotic compositions that evoke aggression, apropos of their hellish themes. The multi-instrumentalist’s bass-register vocal talents lend themselves to an unnerving representation of a demonic entity of his own creation named H8. Welch has developed a storyline around his personal soundtrack, with mankind as the creator, and H8 as its tormentor, which diverges from the God-Satan dichotomy of Christian dogma. 

D3m0nH8 stands in direct contrast with the Christian trappings of the deep south and their ilk. Welch spent formative years amidst the culture of the “Satanic Panic” of the 80’s and 90’s, just miles away from an infamous Christian charlatan televangelist. Fueled by that culture, the present status quo, and a long stream of black humor, his conceptual story and songs represent a spiteful mockery of humanity’s ignorance and divisiveness. Designed to evoke horror, D3monH8’s tracks are saturated with distortion, dissonant arrangements, and themes of rage and violence. 

Welch possesses an affinity for traditional instrumentals, which sets his music apart from industrial music that is dominated by electronic programming.  Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock collaborated with D3m0nH8 on the track “The Choke of Your Undoing.” Considering the foreboding boom of his vocals, Von Rock has described Welch as “the prophet of doom.” His music’s layered emotional response drums out with multiple strata of percussion, artillery fire assaulting the placidity of the listener until none remains. He utilizes special effects such as explosions, screams, gunshots, and more to reinforce the narrative. At times, D3m0nH8 is supported by a haunting church choir that juxtaposes the infernal sound of the music and Welch’s lyrics. Borrowing from a variety of religious lore throughout history, D3m0nH8 paints the mind with a unique mythological story and its characters, tonally contemporary with Dante’s Inferno, Stephen King, and the bands Ministry and Dawn of Ashes. 

Welch indulges in a variety of types of artwork including scratch art, drawings, pen and ink, sculpture, watercolors, airbrush, collages, and digital art. D3m0nH8 is preceded by the music projects Madix and Godd.  As D3m0nH8’s fanbase steadily grows, he continues to create new music all of the time.

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